Settlement Services

Along with high-quality title insurance service, Unitas Title also offers a full range of settlement and closing services to guarantee that you receive the maximum coverage possible. Our experienced staff ensures your policy is fully researched, properly prepared and correctly recorded in a timely manner.

Our settlement services cover such areas of the real estate closing transaction as:

  • Reporting on all county and municipal taxes assessed against the property
  • Creating a full legal description from the current deed of record
  • Identifying the legal grantor, grantee and other required recording entities
  • Researching as many previous transactions and documents as necessary to create a legally meaningful property history. Unitas Title achieves this by reviewing all available deeds, mortgages, liens, tax records and any previous mortgages of record.
  • Performing a two-owner search to confirm current title coverage
  • Obtaining any subordinate liens – either voluntary or involuntary – that might be needed to complete the transaction
  • Reviewing the title search documents and collateral file to obtain all payoffs, releases, and other information needed to cure title problems
  • Inspecting all of the title and loan paperwork to make sure title and closing conditions have been satisfactorily met.

Unitas Title then completes the process by preparing all documents for recording, delivering the documents and formally tracking their receipt.